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Everyone thinks they are different than everyone else but pretty much everyone is the same. Everyone falls into some kind of group or stereotype and it makes me sick; that we live in a world where it is so easy to do this and to live in a world that makes it okay. I wish more people would fight the norm and try to stand out, not just by acting out or dressing flamboyantly, because you won't be the only one who does that. Just try to do something new, in a new way. Look around you and see what others are doing, question it, and make it your own. Just be different, don't follow others even if it means being a loner. All the cliques of life are bullshit, everyone can be different but not very many people try to actually be different at least not really different. Use the things that inspire you and surround yourself by them. Take people you want to be like, study them, maybe even be a form of them, but do it your own way. Just be different. For the love of god, just be different.


Robert Varblow
United States

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